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​​Sleep Well When the Wind Blows

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Investor Definitions


In some cases, a company will offer to divide up some of its income among shareholders. Dividends can be paid once, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.


An investment advisor that pulls your needs above its own and its firm.  A fiduciary is a highly recommended qualification for the protection of your portfolio.

We Are Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs):

Financial investment advisors who have been through certain training, agrees to abide by legal rules, including ensuring that recommendations and trades made on your behalf are in your best interest.


One of the most famous stock exchanges is the NYSE, which trades stocks in companies all over the U.S., and even includes stocks of some international companies.




One of the ways to divide up the holdings in your portfolio is to do so by asset class. The idea is that different assets perform opposite to each other, and you can limit some of your risk by allocating your portfolio according to the type of asset.


A statement showing what a company owns, as well as the liabilities the company has, and stating the outstanding shareholder equity.

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This is a stock exchange that focuses on trading the stocks of technology companies.

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The market cap of a company is figured by multiplying its current share price by the number of shares outstanding. The largest companies have market caps in the billions.


This average includes a price-weighted list of 30 blue chip stocks. The Dow is often used as a gauge of the health of the stock market, even though it is only a small portion.


This is a place where investments, including stocks, bonds, commodities, and other assets are bought and sold. It’s a place where brokers (buyers and sellers) and others can connect. These days most trades are executed electronically.


This is a stock exchange that focuses on trading the stocks of technology companies.


This is an investment that represents what an entity owes you. Essentially, you lend money to a government or a company, and you are promised that the principal will be returned plus interest.


This is the highest price a buyer is willing to pay when buying an investment. Today, electronic trading makes it possible for ask and bid to be matched up automatically and almost instantly.


This is a market that is trending higher, likely to gain. If you think that the market is going to go up, you are considered a “bull.” If you are “bullish” on a specific company, it means you think the stock price will rise.


Something that has the potential to earn money for you. It is something you own that can reasonably be expected to produce something for you. Assets include stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, and other investments.


This is the difference between what you bought an investment for and what you sell if for. A gain occurs when you sell for more than you pain, a profitable transaction. A loss occurs when you sell for less than you paid.


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A stock represents ownership in a company. Companies divide their ownership stakes into shares, and amount of shares you purchase indicates your level of ownership in the company.


A portfolio characteristic that ensures you have more than one type of asset. It also means choosing to buy investments in different sectors, industries, or geographic locations.


Also referred as "blue chip stocks.” Blue chips are companies that have a long history of good earnings, good balance sheets, and even regularly increasing dividends. These companies are likely to provide reasonable returns over time.


A tool used to statistically measure the progress of a group of stocks that share characteristics. This can include a group of stocks, a group of bonds, or a group of other assets.


This is essentially borrowed money used to make an investment. You can get credit from a broker to buy more than you have actually money for.


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This is the lowest price an owner is willing to accept for an asset.


Generally, one must start taking withdrawals from a IRA, SIMPLE IRA, SEP IRA, or retirement plan account when they reach age 70½. A ROTH IRA is excluded from RMDs. 

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This is a market that is falling. A bear market has a downward trend, and someone who believes the market is headed for a drop is often referred to as a “bear.”

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After years of client meetings, we have listened and understand that "knowing" is empowering.  Listed are several financial terms and definitions to assist in your financial education.
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This is the entity that buys and sells investments on your behalf. Usually, you pay a fee for this service. In the case of an online discount broker (like Schwab), you often pay a flat commission per trade.